Akbar Birbal

Akbar’s brother-in-law

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Because of Birbal’s intelligence and the art of steaming the problem, the emperor liked him a lot. For this reason other people were equally jealous of Birbal. Akbar’s brother-in-law was also one of those jealous. He always wanted to take the special place that Birbal had got.

The emperor knew that there could be no one else like Birbal. He used to try to explain this to his brother-in-law as well, but his brother-in-law always used to say that he is also very intelligent. Because of all these things, once it occurred to the king that now he will not believe like this. He has to be explained by giving some task.

That’s why Akbar told his brother-in-law that with your mind and understanding, you should save this sack of coal to the most greedy Seth Damdi Lal. If you do this, I will immediately give you the place of Birbal.

Akbar’s brother-in-law was surprised to hear this, but he wanted Birbal’s place. With this thought, he reached to Seth with a sack of coal. Seth was not going to come to anyone’s talk just like that, so he refused to buy it.

Now Akbar’s brother-in-law returned to the palace with his sad face. He said that I could not sell it.

On hearing this, the king called Birbal to him. He told Birbal in front of his brother-in-law that you have to sell this sack of coal to Seth Damdi Lal.

On receiving the order of the king, Birbal said that you are asking to sell a sack. I can sell only a piece of coal to that Seth for ten thousand. Akbar’s brother-in-law was stunned to hear this.

Akbar said that it is okay, you sell only one piece of coal.

As soon as the king’s order was received, Birbal left from there by picking up a piece of coal. He first got a muslin cloth kurta stitched for himself. Then wearing it put diamond-pearl garlands around his neck and also wore expensive looking shoes. After doing all this, Birbal grinded that piece of coal finely like antimony i.e. kajal and put it in a glass box.

In this disguise, he entered the guest house of the palace. Then Birbal gave an advertisement that a well-known Sheikh has arrived in Baghdad, who sells magical antimony. In the specialty of Surma, Birbal got it written that the wearer can see his ancestors. If the ancestors have kept any money hidden, they will also tell its address.

As soon as this advertisement came in front, the whole city started talking about Birbal’s sheikh form and miraculous surma. This thing reached even Seth Damdi Lal. It occurred to him that my ancestor must have buried the money. I must contact the sheikh immediately. Thinking so much, Dumdi reached Birbal who became Lal Sheikh.

Birbal deliberately did not recognize him. Seth told Sheikh that I want a box of antimony.

Shaikh replied, “Of course, but the cost of one box is ten thousand rupees.”

Seth was very clever. He told Sheikh that I want to apply antimony on the eyes first. After that I will give ten thousand rupees only on the appearance of the ancestors.

Sheikh turned Birbal said okay, you are allowed to do so. All you need to do is walk across the intersection to check the antimony.

There was a crowd of people to see the charisma of miraculous antimony. Then the sheikh who became Birbal started saying loudly that Seth ji will apply this miraculous surma. If this Seth is the son of his parents, then as soon as antimony is applied to him, the ancestors will be seen immediately. If ancestors are not visible, it would mean that they are not the children of their parents. On applying this antimony to the real children only, their forefathers can be seen.

After saying all this Sheikh put antimony on Seth’s eyes and asked him to close his eyes. Seth closed his eyes but he could not see anyone. Now it occurred to Seth that I had said that if I did not see anyone, then there would be a great insult. To maintain respect, Seth opened his eyes and said that yes, I could see my ancestors. After this, in anger, Lal Seth handed over 10 thousand rupees to Birbal.

Now being happy, Birbal went to the palace. He said that take the king, 10 thousand rupees for a coal and told the whole story. Seeing this, the king’s brother-in-law left the palace with a frown. Since then he never talked to Akbar about taking Birbal’s place.

Learning from the story:

One should not be jealous of anyone and it is necessary to use intelligence to prove one’s worth.