Akbar Birbal

Akbar-Birbal and the most beautiful child

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Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was present in the royal court with his prince. Everyone present in the court had their eyes on the prince. Everyone present there was saying that Shahzada is the most beautiful child in the world. After listening to everyone, Emperor Akbar also smiled and said that his prince is the most beautiful child in the world. All the courtiers agree to this statement of Akbar. Then Akbar asks Birbal what is your opinion about this.

Birbal: Your Majesty, the prince is handsome, but I think the prince is not the most handsome child in the whole world.

Akbar: Birbal, what do you mean by saying that the prince is not handsome?

Birbal: No no, I didn’t mean to say Jahanpanah. Don’t take my words wrongly. Our prince is very handsome, but there must be more beautiful children in the world.

Akbar: Then should we understand that the most beautiful child in the whole world is not our prince.

Birbal: Yes Jahanpanah, this is the meaning of my words.

Akbar: Birbal, if you say that there is a more beautiful child in the world than a prince, then bring him before us.

After listening to Akbar’s order, Birbal sets out in search of a child more beautiful than the prince. After a few days, Birbal comes to Raj Darbar. Seeing Birbal come alone in the royal court, Akbar is happy and says, ‘Why Birbal has come alone, means you have not found a more beautiful child than the prince?’

Birbal: Jahanpanah, I have come to inform you that I have found a child more beautiful than the prince.

Akbar: If the child has been found, why didn’t you bring him to the court?

Birbal: I cannot bring him to the court, but I can certainly take you there.

Akbar: What is the reason, because of which you cannot bring him to the court?

Birbal: You will know this only after going there.

Akbar: Well then, we will go to see that child tomorrow morning.

Birbal: Jahanpanah, we will have to disguise ourselves to go see that child.

Akbar: We will do this also to meet that child.

The next morning, Akbar and Birbal disguise themselves and go to see the child. Birbal takes Akbar to a hut where a small child is playing with mud.

Birbal: Showing that child, he says that he is the most beautiful child.

Akbar: How dare you call an ugly and slum-dwelling child the most beautiful child in the world.

Hearing Akbar’s words, the child starts crying loudly, hearing which his mother comes from inside the hut and says angrily to Akbar, ‘How did you call my child ugly? My child is the most beautiful child in the world. If you call my child ugly again, I will unite both of you. Go away from here and don’t be seen here again.’ After saying this, the mother starts feeding her child and says, ‘My child is the most beautiful child in the world.’ Emperor Akbar becomes silent after listening to that mother. .

Birbal: Jahanpanah, now you must have understood everything.

Akbar: Yes, now I understand very well.

Birbal: Emperor Akbar, no matter what the child is, for the parents, their child is the most beautiful child in the world.

Akbar: Birbal you are right, for every parent their child is beautiful.

Birbal: Jahanpanah, all I want is that you keep the prince away from sycophants and give him good training.

Akbar: Birbal you have once again won our hearts.

Lesson learned from the story:
One should never be proud of anything, because one day that pride definitely breaks.