Akbar Birbal

Akbar-Birbal and the Magical Donkey

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Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar had made a very beautiful and priceless necklace for his Begum’s birthday. When the birthday came, Emperor Akbar gifted that necklace to his Begum, which his Begum liked very much. The next night Begum Sahiba took the necklace off her neck and put it in a box. When many days passed, one day Begum Sahiba opened the chest to wear the necklace, but the necklace was nowhere to be found. This made her very sad and told about this to Emperor Akbar. As soon as he came to know about this, Emperor Akbar ordered his soldiers to find the necklace, but the necklace was nowhere to be found. This convinced Akbar that the Begum’s necklace had been stolen.

Then Akbar sent an invitation to Birbal to come to the palace. When Birbal came, Akbar told the whole thing and entrusted him with the responsibility of finding the necklace. Without wasting time, Birbal sent a message to all the people working in the palace to come to the court. The court was held in a short while. All the workers including Akbar and Begum were present in the court, but Birbal was not in the court. Everyone was waiting for Birbal, that’s why Birbal reaches the royal court with a donkey. Birbal apologizes to Emperor Akbar for coming late to the court. Everyone starts wondering why Birbal has come to the royal court with a donkey. Then Birbal tells that this donkey is his friend and has magical power. It can reveal the name of the one who stole the royal necklace.

Birbal then takes the magical donkey to the nearest room and ties it up and asks everyone to go to the room one by one and hold the donkey’s tail and shout “Jahampanah maine thirti nahi hai.” At the same time, Birbal says that all your voices should reach the court. After everyone shouts by holding their tails, the donkey will finally tell who has stolen.

After this everyone stood in a line outside the room and one by one everyone started going into the room. Whoever entered the room, would hold his tail and start shouting, “I have not stolen.” When everyone’s number comes, Birbal finally goes into the room and after some time comes out of the room.

Then Birbal goes to all the workers and asks them to put both their hands in front of them and starts smelling their hands one by one. Everyone is surprised to see this act of Birbal. While sniffing like this, holding the hand of a workman, Birbal says loudly, “Jahampanah, he has stolen.” Hearing this, Akbar says to Birbal, “How can you say with such certainty that this servant has committed the theft. Did the magical donkey tell you its name?

Then Birbal says, “Jahampanah, this donkey is not magical. It is as simple as the rest of the donkeys. Just I have put a special kind of perfume on this donkey’s tail. All the servants caught hold of the donkey’s tail, except this thief. That’s why, his hand doesn’t smell of perfume.

The thief was then apprehended and the Begum’s necklace was recovered along with all the stolen articles. This wisdom of Birbal was appreciated by everyone and Begum was happy and got him a gift from Emperor Akbar.

Lesson learned from the story:
The lesson from this story is that no matter how hard you try to hide a bad deed, one day everyone comes to know. Therefore, one should not do bad things.