Akbar Birbal

A speck in the beard of a thief

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Many stories of children, Akbar and Birbal are famous. These stories leave their mark in everyone’s heart as well as give good education. One of them is the straw in the thief’s beard.

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar’s most beloved ring suddenly went missing. She was not found even after searching a lot. Because of this Emperor Akbar gets worried and mentions this to Birbal. On this, Birbal asks Maharaja Akbar, ‘Your Majesty, when did you take off the ring and where did you keep it.’ Emperor Akbar says, ‘I kept my ring in the cupboard before taking bath and when I came back, the ring was in the cupboard. I was not.’

Then Birbal tells Akbar, ‘Then the ring is not lost but stolen and all this must have been done by a cleaning worker in the palace.’ Hearing this, the emperor asked all the servants to appear. Some 5 employees were deployed to clean his room and all five turned up.

After the servants appeared, Birbal said to all of them, ‘Maharaj’s ring has been stolen, which was kept in the cupboard. If any one of you has picked it up, then tell me, otherwise I will have to ask from the almirah itself.’ Then Birbal went near the almirah and started whispering something. After this, smilingly told the five servants, ‘The thief cannot escape from me, because there is a straw in the thief’s beard.’ Hearing this, one of the five, keeping his eyes out of all, touched the beard as if he was trying to remove the straw. Have been Meanwhile, Birbal’s eyes fell on him and immediately ordered the soldiers to arrest the thief.

When Emperor Akbar sternly asked him, he confessed his crime and returned the ring to the Emperor. Emperor Akbar was overjoyed to receive his ring.

Straw in thief’s beard lesson from the story :
The lesson from this story is that every problem can be solved by using brain instead of strength.